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* passt: new version 2023_02_16.4663ccc available
@ 2023-02-17 14:50 Stefano Brivio
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From: Stefano Brivio @ 2023-02-17 14:50 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: passt-user; +Cc: passt-dev

The new version with tag 2023_02_16.4663ccc includes the following changes:

    4663ccc conf: Fix typo and logic in conf_ports() check for port binding
    36f0199 conf, tap: Silence two false positive invalidFunctionArg from cppcheck
    89e0fbf tcp: Remove 'zero_len' goto from tcp_data_from_sock
    83b2061 tcp: Remove 'recvmsg' goto from tcp_data_from_sock
    42bfd21 tap: Eliminate goto from tap_handler()
    b62ed9c tap: Don't pcap frames that didn't get sent
    d957796 passt.1: Fix typo, improve wording in examples of port forwarding specifiers
    77a6d97 dhcp: Fix netmask calculation for option 1 from prefix length
    7564b58 tap: Use single counter for iov elements in tap_send_frames_pasta()
    3d0de2c conf, tcp, udp: Exit if we fail to bind sockets for all given ports
    b4f13c2 log: Don't duplicate messages on stderr before daemonising
    c9af6f9 convert all remaining err() followed by exit() to die()
    a1ab1ca log a detailed error (not usage()) when there are extra non-option arguments
    60bd93e make conf_netns_opt() exit immediately after logging error
    ead4a98 make conf_ugid() exit immediately after logging error
    fe2a54e make conf_pasta_ns() exit immediately after logging error
    b20fe11 make conf_ports() exit immediately after logging error
    c864c60 eliminate most calls to usage() in conf()
    dac4af8 add die() to log an error message and exit with a single call
    193385b log to stderr until process is daemonized, even if a log file is set
    dccc2ff test: Fedora 32-35 have moved to the archives
    64325a0 test: Update location for Debian ppc64 images
    6ccab72 tcp: Improve handling of fallback if socket pool is empty on new splice
    dc467d5 tcp: Split pool lookup from creating new sockets in tcp_conn_new_sock()
    912d37c tcp: Move socket pool declarations around
    c899347 tcp: Split init and ns cases for tcp_sock_refill()
    e456c1c tcp: Make a helper to refill each socket pool
    ee8353c Makefile: Explict int type in FALLOC_FL_COLLAPSE_RANGE probe
    67920b8 test/pasta_options: Ignore failures on shell 'exit'
    a234407 pasta: propagate exit code from child command
    04dfc5b pasta: correctly exit when execvp() fails
    3487b5f pasta: do not leak netlink sock into child
    7a8ed94 Make assertions actually useful
    cc6d828 tcp: Reset ACK_FROM_TAP_DUE flag only as needed, update timer
    ac15359 tap: Send frames after the first one in tap_send_frames_pasta()
    d8921da pasta: Wait for tap to be set up before spawning command
    54502cc udp: Use tap_send_frames()
    2d553b5 tap: Improve handling of partial frame sends
    97d1ca2 udp: Use abstracted tap header
    0fb7b2b tap: Use different io vector bases depending on tap type
    2416310 tcp: Use abstracted tap header
    4b3d38a tap: Add "tap headers" abstraction
    e4443ba tcp: Consolidate calculation of total frame size
    dcea260 tcp: Remove redundant and incorrect initialization from *_iov_init()
    716a926 util: Parameterize ethernet header initializer macro
    67afaab tcp, udp: Use named field initializers in iov_init functions
    f5a9501 util: Introduce hton*_constant() in place of #ifdefs
    6d011c1 tap, tcp: Move tap send path to tap.c
    e21ee41 tcp: Combine two parts of pasta tap send path together
    a79e774 tcp: Improve interface to tcp_l2_buf_flush()
    f1d2d35 tcp: Don't compute total bytes in a message until we need it
    99f0be3 tcp: Combine two parts of passt tap send path together
    d3089eb pcap: Replace pcapm() with pcap_multiple()
    cb3c1ce pcap: Introduce pcap_frame() helper
    b93d025 udp: Don't use separate sockets to listen for spliced packets
    8d503e8 udp: Decide whether to "splice" per datagram rather than per socket
    8a10f23 udp: Unify udp_sock_handler_splice() with udp_sock_handler()
    f1ed8db udp: Pre-populate msg_names with local address
    c9e193b udp: Don't handle tap receive batch size calculation within a #define
    4eb54fd udp: Split receive from preparation and send in udp_sock_handler()
    09c00f1 udp: Split sending to passt tap interface into separate function
    a6e919a udp: Move sending pasta tap frames to the end of udp_sock_handler()
    c196953 test/perf/pasta_tcp: Add host to namespace cases for traffic via tap
    37f82cc tcp: Explicitly check option length field values in tcp_opt_get()
    08c01f5 test/perf/pasta_udp: Add host to namespace cases for traffic via tap
    310bdbd udp: Factor out control structure management from udp_sock_fill_data_v[46]


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  permanent mirror:^20230216.g4663ccc/

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2023-02-17 14:50 passt: new version 2023_02_16.4663ccc available Stefano Brivio

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